RMS Defence is a fully featured property management system tailored to the specific needs of the military. Used extensively in military barracks, it provides an advanced accommodation reservation system and meal recording system.

RMS is a preferred supplier to Australian Defence Force. Our system is used in most barracks in Australia and is gaining usage in the United Kingdom.


A comprehensive management system

RMS Defence compiles extensive personnel records, which can be used in relation to reservations, meals and reports.

The personnel screen provides fields for service number, name, contact details and other relevant information. Screen layouts are flexible, with customised field names to suit military use.

The meal management system controls and records meal usage. A full range of reports is provided, including customised reports to facilitate functions such as meals forecasts.

Large groups, and bulk room selection, are easily handled and confirmation of reservations can be emailed directly. A complete suite of reservations reports is provided. Personnel records can be retained and used for future bookings.

RMS Defence can be combined with our online reservations system, RMS Online, to take bookings 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere.




  • Optional Meal Management Module
  • Housekeeping by Rank
  • Hotbed option
  • Allocate, check-in and check-out in bulk
  • Easy to use
  • Security profiles control access by specific function and screens

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