RMS Shopping Centre is a property management system specifically developed for the casual mall letting segment. The full range of shopping centre assets are managed by RMS including booths, stalls, media, vending or any other site type. The package is compiled according to the specific needs of each shopping centre. These proven systems are easy to use, adaptable and utilise up-to-date processes.

Comprehensive Management

RMS is used in most major shopping centres in Australia and is gaining penetration around the world. A key feature of the system is its ability to manage casual leasing booths, a major aspect of shopping centre management. This feature has been developed in conjunction with the industry for an exact fit for their needs.

Specialised reports, including full charging and reservation records can be produced. Sales administration can also be managed.

RMS Shopping Centre operates in the cloud and can be deployed as a multi property centralised model giving head office direct access to all centres in any national or international region.

Other products that can help you manage your shopping centre more efficiently include RMS Stock Control.


  • Apply attributes to individual sites for accurate allocation (food, non-food, vending, media etc)
  • Budget versus actual reporting
  • Cloud based for rapid, cost effective deployment and management
  • Integrate almost any financial management system
  • Centralised multi centre option

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