The RMS Online screens are linked to your website so that guests can see rates and availability. There are several options available to allow easy navigation from your site to the booking screens. They include:

  • The RMS Widget
  • A book now button
  • Iframes

The RMS Widget

Widget examplesThe widget is a small calendar tool that your web developer can embed into your site that allows visitors to enter the number of guests and the dates of their stay. When they click the enter button the online booking screens will open pre-populated with that search information.

The colours of the widget will match the online booking screens and can be changed by you to match the look and feel of the site in RMS9.

RMS Widgets are supplied at no cost or you can have your web developer create one for you.

https://bookings.rms.com.au/rmsobookings/widget.aspx?clientid=3967&agentid=1 (Give this link to your website developer to get started - don't forget to change the client ID 3967 to yourr client ID)

Book Now Button

Booking Button

This type of link usually takes the form of a button with a label such as “Book Now”, Check Availability”, “Book Online” or something similar. These buttons are typically supplied by your web developer to ensure they match the look and feel of your site.



iFrameThe RMS Online booking screens can be opened in a new window, in the same window or in an iframe. An iframe is like a separate window within your site that allows the visitor to retain access to your site's navigational tool bars. This option will give the visitor the comfort that they are still on your site should they need to access additional information.

Your website developer will be able to assist with embedding RMS Online as an iframe. The booking screen used for this purpose is 960 pixels wide.


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