RMS Facilities offers an up to date and flexible reservations system for organisations where efficiency and customer service are important. It brings the experience and expertise RMS has developed over 30 years and uses the strong core all RMS products share.

Local Councils use RMS Facilities to manage bookings for a wide variety of assets – parks, gardens, sports fields, stadiums and halls etc.

Function Centres find our Events management module seamlessly fits with RMS Facilities, to provide a comprehensive management tool for handling even the most complex event, festival or convention.

It is possible to book a very wide variety of events using RMS Facilities - we have assisted with specialised uses such as cemetery scheduling, car pools and equipment hire companies and our experienced advisers will work closely with you to ensure the maximum benefit is derived from the many options available within RMS. Customised solutions are also possible, should the application require such a solution.

RMS is configured to meet your requirements and this flexibility enables uses well beyond conventional software products.

RMS takes pride in continually developing our products and RMS Facilities is frequently upgraded as new features, market requirements or when technology becomes available ... and all future upgrades are provided at no additional cost.


Whilst RMS Facilities uses the same reservations engine as other RMS products, additional fields and unique routines cater for the special needs of a facility site. Screens have flexible layouts ensuring a logical and operator friendly progression, with each operator able to tailor screens to their liking.

With reservations able to be made down to 1 minute intervals, and with variable booking intervals, maximum use can be made of your facilities.

Attention to the needs of the Facilities market includes adaptations such as an extended user definable field to cater for the long names halls, parks and community centres often have. There is no need to compromise with abbreviations in correspondence.

Customer details are retained and used with each reservation, building to a very useful history which can provide valuable data for marketing analysis.

A comprehensive suite of reports mines your data to produce regular, historical and future analyses. Our Report Writer offers unlimited construction of reports and has the ability to save and reuse templates – or have a unique report built to suit you requirements.

Client details

Our client record is extensive and can also be configured to contain the data you wish to record. A Correspondence record keeps details of all emails, letters or notes for each client adding to the record each time that client returns. Email or print directly from within RMS and set up SMS messages and emails to automatically activate at determined times.

Financial management

RMS Facilities has a full general ledger financial system which can record charges and receipts, issue receipts, invoices and statements and provide comprehensive reporting. Budgets may be entered to chart progress and the Event manager can be configured to provide a full profit/loss statement for each event.

Charges may be logged individually or at set intervals or by use of the very flexible tariff calculator, recorded as a reservation is made with automatic application of day, half day, or hourly tariffs, as determined by you.


RMS can be linked to your financial system at a variety of levels. We build interfaces to seamlessly transfer data from RMS into your finance system, providing the costings, accounting and descriptions for subsequent invoicing and debtor management in your central finance system.

We can also link to membership databases and to other business systems such as access control, metering or asset registers. RMS has interfaces to a wide variety of allied systems and we work with each customer to develop the best solution.

Online Requests

RMS Facilities Online links your web pages to RMS allowing prospective customers to browse available resources then apply for the date and time they wish to book. This takes all the data entry away from your staff yet retains the authority of the booking officer to determine the suitability of each request. A rock band scheduled next to a Yoga class is not a good outcome, and online applications are a great way of identifying such clashes before they become issues.


Web based, RMS Facilities may be deployed on a variety of media – PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone etc to provide the most efficient way of managing your property

Implementation and Training

We have found the best way to introduce RMS Facilities is to form a small team with staff who will become the RMS leaders in your organisation. Our experienced Facilities trainer will work on site with your team to select the fields and features best suited to your organisation.

This process gives a comprehensive insight into the options available and forms part of the “super user” training we encourage so all changes and settings are known by local staff and able to be adjusted as needed. RMS support is always available but there is no dependence on the software provider, unless you need our advice and assistance.

The RMS trainer will also train operating staff or conduct a Train the Trainer course, for your trainers to then conduct internal courses as needed.

RMS comes with a training system which is a mirror of the live system, yet completely separate. Testing of new processes, staff training and general familiarisation can all be undertaken on the training system without affecting the real data.


A full suite of support resources is offered – Multi- office support centres, electronic lodgement of service requests are subject to strict response times, with the level of urgency determined by you.

Help files and tool tips are sensibly located on most pages, with topics related to that page and function listed.

We are establishing a library of videos covering all aspects of using RMS and will add new topics on request.

All RMS products are under continual development, to take advantage of the latest proven technology and provide our customers with up to date software, aligned to market developments.

With 30 years experience with customer centred software and we believe we have built a level of expertise and awareness which we can bring to your situation. Please contact RMS to learn more about RMS Facilities.


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