How to buy RMS ePOS

Step One


Contact an RMS ePOS sales consultant to discuss your hardware needs – hardware is the most expensive component when setting up a point of sale solution – getting this right from the start will lower your cost of ownership.


You may need to enlist the services of a local IT professional to build an environment which would include running cables and installing network connection points for printers and terminals.

Step Two

Return your signed order form to or fax it to our head office in Melbourne 03 9331 7323. RMS Accounts will process the order – and issue a tax invoice.

Step Three

Your hardware will be shipped directly to the site – check your delivery note – make sure you have received all the items on the list before signing.

Step Four

Item import excel sheet – liaise with your RMS sales/support person to build the Excel import sheet with your entire item list – It is important this is returned – with cost prices and sell prices in order to report on profit margins – We will build the data base from the excel sheet.

Step Five

Installing the POS terminals onto your existing network –unless you are tech savvy – we recommend you engage the services of a local technician. RMS will provide them with the requirements to ensure the setup is correct. Once online we can dial into the machine and configure the software and other POS devices such as cash drawers and printer etc.

Step Six

  1. Item and price maintenance
  2. Employee setup – permissions
  3. Receipt information
  4. General use – processing sales
  5. Discounting – Refunding
  6. Cashing up – reporting
  7. Management Reporting

RMS ePOS can be continually modify to suit your current business plans – there is a great depth of functionality waiting to be explored – once you are up and running – use our help services to further expand your knowledge.


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