USER LOG - Each user is assigned a password to login to the application. Every time that user logs on their name is recorded and prints out on orders and bills - this makes it easy to contact the responsible person if there is a problem. If the chef has a question about the order - this can be directed to staff member who placed the order

The client knows who they can contact if there is some problem with bill - or service - the bill can be regenerated for any date.

The other advantage is looking up to see which staff members are performing well - It also help identify patterns in staff behaviour - like cancellation of orders etc - this can be of use for training staff and avoiding situations - prevention is always better than a cure. Restricted access for junior staff can also be of use


If enabled any point of sale outlet can charge back to a guest room at the touch of a button - this feature is extremely useful - for properties that had previously performed this task manually - it has been life changing. The RMS audit trail has a transaction source POS so privately own Point of sale outlets can easily reconcile these charge types


One of the key differences between ordinary cash registers and fully featured EPOS systems is the range of reporting capabilities - the RMS EPOS margin analyses report will give you an instant snap shot of actual profitability from sales. From this report you can identify which stock items are performing well and start marketing those high profit items - in many cases stores have repositioned high profit goods and achieved amazing results

There are over 150 reports - you can save the most used reports to a favourites tab for instant access


Another useful option is table reservation. Seat your venue to capacity and avoid over booking by utilizing this function.

The cover count can help you see when your are or have reached capacity - you can print of reservation list with contact details for staff - so seating can be arranged to suit - easy view enables staff to make booking decisions quickly and advise patrons when a table will be available


Part of the full inventory module - the recipe master will cost out the price of and item - based on the cost of raw ingredients used calculate the cost price. If the price of a bulk item changes - the cost price of the recipe item changes - If achieving a margin is important to your business this module is a must have - as prices rise some items can be costly - and this module will assist with menu management


The bane of every restaurateur's existence "can we split the bill please?" the anxiety this of this question will not be a problem with RMS EPOS - the bill can be split in a variety of ways.

Divide by covers - pay only for items selected - or split by a range of settlement types cash - credit - room charge.


Regardless of the type of outlet RMS has a POS solution to suit your needs - if you're scanning barcode items - offering fine dinning table service - fast bar service- or a combination of all these at once - we a solution to suit - please contact RMS sales today for an online demonstration.

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