As the concept of the personal computer has evolved over the last 20 years processing speed has become faster and storage capacity larger. As a result, up till now, software applications have typically been installed on the local machine or network. Whilst that might sound convenient and self-sufficient it does come with overheads.

The recent trend for developers of software applications has been to offer them as cloud based solutions or Software as a Service (SaaS). On first glance cloud based solutions may seem more expensive however on closer evaluation the total cost of ownership for SaaS is often actually less expensive.

 6 Reasons why you should move to the cloud

Poor Internet Connection?

Don't be concerned if you operate your business in an area that enjoys a poor or non-existent internet connection. The self hosted version of RMS will continue to be supported for as long as reasonably necessary to give everyone time to migrate to the cloud in their own timeframe. This might be as long as two or three years.  


  • Mobile – access from anywhere
  • Reduce your dependence on IT support
  • Secure data backup and storage
  • Data archiving for easy access of old records
  • 99.98% up time

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