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RMS products are now sold as Cloud based solutions. This simply means that the software applications and the data they create are safely stored on our servers. You can use any computer connected to the internet, including Macs and many portable devices to use the software.

One overwhelming advantage of the cloud based system is that it allows you to use RMS wherever you are. You are no longer confined to using RMS on the server that it is installed on at your property.

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Ease of Maintenance

Shifting to the RMS Cloud removes the requirement to manage an IT system at all. The responsibilities of backups, data security and maintaining optimum efficiency are left to us.

The RMS Cloud lets you forget about the worry of running an IT system and get on with your business.

The RMS Cloud removes your dependence on the reliability of hardware. If you experience a computer failure simply access the cloud from a different computer without missing a single record.


  • Mobile – access from anywhere
  • Reduce your dependence on IT support
  • Secure data backup and storage
  • Data archiving for easy access of old records
  • 99.98% up time

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