Free RMS Webinar: The Dashboard

Learn how to get the most out of this advanced feature. 

Topics include: 

  • Adding widgets 
  • Multi-property dashboards 
  • Social Media Widgets 
  • Using widgets to compare periods 
  •  …and more

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What customers are saying about RMS.

"Since adding RMS Online to our website, we've dramatically cut down the time we spend on the phone, with no loss of occupancy. We're filling the gaps in our inventory and we love the automatic payment system. RMS Online is fast, cost effective and foolproof."

"Kia ora Bill,
RMS9 – Love it love it love it!
Was exciting talking to you this afternoon, I’m really looking forward to applying RMS9 with my students tomorrow. (Perfect timing!)
Look forward to your email in regards to what else got ‘switched on’!"

""I could no think of anything you guys could do to improve! Your service is impeccable. I would recommend RMS to anyone.""

"I just want to tell you how happy I am with the way things are going. I have been working with Impact Data now for over a year, and contacted them through RMS. I run a small accommodation property on Phillip Island, and use RMS for my channel manager.

I contacted David at RMS to find out if there is a better way to communicate with my guests and that is where Impact Data, and now SQUAWKBOX has stepped in...

Social media is a huge part of our business, but getting the hang of it, and constantly updating all my social media sites was a real pain, and very time consuming. So to be able to use SQUAWKBOX and send out messages to all my email guests, face book and twitter at the same time is priceless. I find SQUAWKBOX user friendly, love the drop and drag feature.

But also another huge benefit is the RMS integration, I don't have to do a thing, my client base just keeps growing, as my business increases, and I send out more promotions, tweets, and Facebook specials. Just an awesome tool, which I now can’t live without.... Staff are costly, my time is precious, and 1 small booking a month, pays for me to access SQUAWKBOX. I would be crazy not to use such a priceless tool.

With a little ironing out in the beginning, as I was a trial client, I worked constantly with Jessica in the office. She has helped me every step of the way, and together we have worked through my goals and what I wanted to achieve from SQUAWKBOX.

Now I look forward to working with Matt Arthy and Impact Data in 2015 to launch new ideas and inspirations for new guests and return guests to keep coming back to our little park on the Island.

Not only has it saved me a bucket of money, time and frustration, I have Squawked to any Business in need of such a valuable tool. Yes, I tell everybody, they are crazy if they do not contact Matt at Impact Data... So I’m very happy to talk to anyone in doubt, especially if they are also using RMS system. I am proof it’s working"

"It has been an amazing first month with some phenomenal numbers. We have had a 700% increase in revenue since last month. "

"We started using RMS for our reservation software last year. We love it! It is incredibly easy to use, has all the features we need to not only manage our reservations, but to also manage the daily operations and the business aspects. The support team is incredibly helpful and friendly and works diligently to answer any questions you might have. We couldn't be happier with RMS. "

  • Jennifer Ellsworth
  • Rip Van Winkle Campground

"We have recently migrated from RMS8 to the cloud based RMS9 and could not be more delighted. In the past we had experienced some problems in dealing with RMS so before making the move we thoroughly compared the RMS9 system with Newbook. Whilst the two systems are similar in both technology and pricing we decided to stick with RMS.

What impressed us the most was the new and improved support and sales team. There were also some upgrades in the pipeline that we really liked. We understood how the system worked and believed this would be a much easier transition for our team. The RMS team that handled our transition made it smooth sailing and the transition went without a hitch and we were working on RMS9 within a couple of hours.

RMS are constantly upgrading their system. We like that you can suggest upgrades via their website and the more support your suggestion gets the faster it moves to the top of the list. The training webinars are also very useful and have given us lots of tips on using the system to its full potential.

RMS has been helpful and easy to deal with. Any problems we have encountered have been our error but the support team has helped us to rectify these quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

If like us, past issues in dealing with RMS puts you off, we encourage you to have another look at them.

New players in the market seem to have been a blessing for this company with friendly and efficient service and staff that go above and beyond to assist you.


"Just to let you know, peter and I used the tables for the first time tonight, it was brilliant, made things so much easier and faster! It’s been amazing! Can’t believe how well we could operate with no wait time and checks being sent from the table right to the kitchen and bar! Peter and I did 51 covers on our own and service was so much improved because of the efficiency. Thanks so much for everyone’s support in getting this right, we are nearly there! Roll on summer!"

"Thanks David and Lorraine, Keep up the great work.
RMS has come such A LONG way in the past 12 years that I have been using it."

" started off with RMS, and silly me left thinking I was not getting enough support.

I started with Littlehotelier. And I am not happy with them. I guess it was not greener on the other side of the fence for me.

I need to come back with RMS Channel Manager. It is a much better system, and easier to use, and more benefit for our motel...

...I know I should not have left RMS, it was my biggest mistake."

  • Julie Watson
  • River city Motor Inn

"I would like to thank the staff of RMS and Massey online for their assistance with the transfer to RMS.

At all times support and training staff have been prompt, courteous and professional in their advice and service.
It has been a pleasure to work with your companies and I believe we have made the right decision moving to this platform.
Thanks you all your staff."

""Trust Accounting in 9+ is super fast & easy to use. Fantastic product. Well done to all involved.""

  • Country Getaways

"Congratulations to the RMS team for getting this (trust accounting) program up to speed. Month ends will be so much more productive going forward."

  • Country Getaways Holiday Rental

"RMS to me is like putting comfy gloves on compared to our experiences with your other major chain competitors. Delightful! "

  • Nystrom Relief Managers

"Literally overnight, our park's direct bookings went up by one hundred percent. We are thrilled with the system, and the whole thing works superbly."

"...look forward to your excellent support again in 2012. Knowing you are there for us makes such a difference."

"Our thanks go out to all of you guys!!! We would be in a pickle sometimes if it were not for all of you, working to keep us sane."

  • Jean Grieve
  • Magnetic Gateway Holiday Village

"I just want to thank you for helping with our reservation emergency last Friday. It was such a relief to get up and running again. The change over from self hosting to the cloud was so painless."

"As an accommodation and tour operator Kinnon & Co have found RMS to be flexible in its design to tailor to our specific business needs. I have been using RMS for 10 years and I have seen great growth, change and adaptation during this time."

"RMS provides us with the flexibility we need to manage this dynamic environment… The system can manage all accommodation types, bed-by-bed, units, flats and housing for single personnel, groups and families and also by rank entitlement… I am only too happy to act as a reference point for RMS and their products and services."

"The RMS product has been a reliable system which has allowed Spotless to effectively manage accommodation services on Defence Bases all around Australia... RMS have been excellent providers of support resources and offer comprehensive training to operators as and when required..."

"I have always found your RMS TEAM extremely helpful and never make
me feel inadequate despite my limited computer skills."

"I have worked with RMS for many years and have always found the
staff helpful and polite and nothing is too much trouble for them, and RMS
just keeps getting better.

" I spoke to Ian on this particular day -He was extremely polite and helpful and explained everything fully - I think RMS Support is great - When you feel at ease on the phone to somebody you don't know -then RMS are very lucky to have him


"I am not very good with computer stuff so I don't find anything very easy to follow, I thank your staff for being patient with a computer dummy like me, thanks Allison"

"Michelle and I would like to thank you and RMS for being a valuable partner in Quest New Plymouth. We would not hesitate to use RMS again in a similar business, and consider it an excellent product. Tony. RMS thanks Tony and Michelle and wishes them the very best with their future endeavours."

  • Michelle and Tony
  • Quest New Plymouth

"This was my first training session so I figure the survey is not relevant to me yet.
I will say that Phil was fantastic and I am very excited about changing to RMS

"The telephone was the best use for the problem I encountered and the time frame. It also made me feel better to actually speak to someone... and the tech person was wonderful and followed up. I am over 25 yrs old and the telephone is my first language !! Webinar videos are no doubt wonderful and I hope to have more time to investigate.. but love the one to one approach too. "

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